Chicago Landmarks
35 East Wacker Drive Building Auditorium Building Brooks Building Carbide and Carbon Building Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building Chapin and Gore Building Chicago Board of Trade Building Chicago Building Chicago Public Library/Cultural Center Chicago Theater City Hall-County Building Civic Opera Building Continental and Commercial Bank Building Daley Center Delaware Building Field Building Fine Arts Building Fisher Building Gage Group Harris and Selwyn Theaters Haskell-Barker-Atwater Buildings Heald Square Monument Heyworth Building Inland Steel Building Jewelers Building Lake-Franklin Group Leiter II Building Manhattan Building Marquette Building Mather Tower Monadnock Block New York Life Building Old Colony Building Old Dearborn Bank Building Oliver Building One North LaSalle Building Page Brothers Building Palmer House Hotel Pittsfield Building Reliance Building Roanoke Building and Tower Rookery Building Steuben Club Building Trustees System Service Building Washington Block

The Loop Tour

The name "Loop" is said to have originated from the route of a cable car line that en"circle"d the central business district in 1882, prior to the construction of the Loop elevated railroad tracks in 1897. The Loop has since become a term for the city's historic downtown, an area roughly bounded by the Chicago River on the north and west, Grant Park on the east and Congress Parkway to the south.

The three dozen landmarks on this tour represent an amazing cross-section of the city's architecture and history, ranging from Post-Fire of 1871 structures to early steel-framed skyscrapers from the turn of the century to Art Deco-style high rises of the 1920s and '30s. Among the architects whose buildings are featured are Daniel Burnham, Holabird & Roche, William Le Baron Jenney, John Wellborn Root, and Louis Sullivan.

1. 35 East Wacker Drive Building
2. Auditorium Building
3. Brooks Building
4. Carbide and Carbon Building
5. Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building
6. Chapin and Gore Building
7. Chicago Board of Trade Building
8. Chicago Building
9. Chicago Public Library/Cultural Center
10. Chicago Theater
11. City Hall-County Building
12. Civic Opera Building
13. Continental and Commercial Bank Building
14. Daley Center
15. Delaware Building
16. Field Building
17. Fine Arts Building
18. Fisher Building
19. Gage Group
20. Harris and Selwyn Theaters
21. Haskell-Barker-Atwater Buildings
22. Heald Square Monument
23. Heyworth Building
24. Inland Steel Building
25. Jewelers Building
26. Lake-Franklin Group
27. Leiter II Building
28. Manhattan Building
29. Marquette Building
30. Mather Tower
31. Monadnock Block
32. New York Life Building
33. Old Colony Building
34. Old Dearborn Bank Building
35. Oliver Building
36. One North LaSalle Building
37. Page Brothers Building
38. Palmer House Hotel
39. Pittsfield Building
40. Reliance Building
41. Roanoke Building and Tower
42. Rookery Building
43. Steuben Club Building
44. Trustees System Service Building
45. Washington Block