Chicago Landmarks

Steuben Club Building

Steuben Club Building, looking east on Randolph St. Photo by Terry Tatum, CCL, 2006     Address: 188 W. Randolph St.
Year Built: 1929
Architect: Karl M. Vitzthum
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 26, 2006

Steuben Club Building, terra cotta detail. Photo by Terry Tatum, CCL, 2006 This is one of Chicago's most visually striking, 1920s-era skyscrapers in Chicago. Designed in the Gothic Revival architectural style, the building is an outstanding example of a terra-cotta-clad skyscraper, ornamented with a plethora of Gothic ornament, including pointed arches, tracery, finials, and flying buttresses. The building was designed by Karl M. Vitzthum, one of Chicago's significant early twentieth-century architects and the designer of the One North LaSalle Building (a designated Chicago Landmark), as well as a number of distinctive neighborhood bank buildings throughout Chicago.