Chicago Landmarks
Allerton Hotel American System-Built Houses Brewster Apartments Charles N. Loucks House Fisher Studio Houses Gauler Twin Houses Hotel St. Benedict Flats John and Clara Merchant House Keck-Gottschalk-Keck Apartments Marie Schock House Palliser's Cottage Home No. 35 Pate-Comiskey House Tree Studios, Annexes, and Courtyard Waller Apartments Walser House Yale Apartments

Innovative Housing Tour

Solar homes, contemporary homes, architectural features that stand alone as works of art, prefabricated and subsidized housing, skylights, and open floor planseach of these characteristics is present in the buildings included in the Innovative Housing tour.

From the late 19th-century Brewster Apartments, with its atrium skylights and glass-block walkways, to the 1937 Keck-Gottschalk-Keck Apartments, with its International style and solar design features, this tour chronicles the presence in Chicago of housing innovation. Frank Lloyd Wright's contributions to the design of affordable housing are acknowledged in his two prefabricated "System-Built" houses and his 1895 Waller Apartments, an early example of subsidized housing. These early efforts of architects and designers to address industrial-age housing issues such as affordability, energy efficiency, and the need for well-designed living spaces for people of all income levels, still appear fresh today.

1. Allerton Hotel
2. American System-Built Houses
3. Brewster Apartments
4. Charles N. Loucks House
5. Fisher Studio Houses
6. Gauler Twin Houses
7. Hotel St. Benedict Flats
8. John and Clara Merchant House
9. Keck-Gottschalk-Keck Apartments
10. Marie Schock House
11. Palliser's Cottage Home No. 35
12. Pate-Comiskey House
13. Tree Studios, Annexes, and Courtyard
14. Waller Apartments
15. Walser House
16. Yale Apartments