Chicago Landmarks

Pate-Comiskey House

Overall. Photo by Terry Tatum, CCL, 2003     Address: 5131 S. Michigan Ave.
Year Built: 1901
Architect: George W. Maher
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: October 1, 2003

Facade detail. Photo by Terry Tatum, CCL, 2003 This massive-looking, limestone-clad house was designed for Chicago lumberman Davey Pate by progressive architect George Maher. At the time of the house's design, Maher was one of the leading architects along with Frank Lloyd Wright in the burgeoning Prairie School movement, which centered on Chicago and its suburbs and which advocated houses in non-historic styles that suited modern early 20th-century living. The house's design displays Maher's interest in combining aspects of both tradtional and modern architecture through its symmetry, grandly scaled yet starkly simple facade, visually bold use of limestone, and unusual ornament. The house was later owned by Charles Comiskey, long-time owner of the Chicago White Sox baseball team.