Chicago Landmarks

Yale Apartments

Exterior view, photo by Heidi Sperry, 2003     Address: 6565 S. Yale Ave.
Year Built: 1892 - 1893
Architect: John T. Long
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: April 9, 2003

Entrance detail, photo by Terry Tatum, 2002 The Yale Apartments is one of Chicago's most significant early apartment buildings and reflects the great growth in real estate development which typified the city in the 1890s. Rising seven stories, the building is an important "first generation" residential high-rise, a building type made possible by advances in building structure and technology. Stylistically, the building is a large-scale example of Romanesque Revival style architecture popularized by the buildings of Henry H. Richardson, and exhibits excellent craftsmanship in both materials and detailing. The Yale Apartments also possesses a rare early interior atrium, ringed with galleries and toped by a glass-and-metal skylight.