Chicago Landmarks
Cable House Colvin House Dewes (Francis) House Glessner House Hitchcock House Jackson/Thomas House Jane Addams Hull-House Kent House King-Nash House Lathrop House Madlener House McGill House Nickerson House Pate-Comiskey House Raber House Race House Robie House Theurer-Wrigley House Wheeler-Kohn House Wood-Maxey-Boyd House

Mansions Tour

Literally thousands of Chicago residences have landmark protection. Most of them are located in one of the City's officially designated historic districts. A smaller number of these buildings, however, could rightly be termed "mansions," due to their impressive size and ornate architectural design. Usually built as opulent homes for wealthy individuals, many of these structures now accommodate very different uses. These include house museums (Glessner, Jane Adams Hull House, and Robie), non-profit headquarters (Lathrop and Madlener), and private businesses (Dewes, Nickerson, and Wheeler-Kohn). In a few instances, this tour also includes entire districts, such as Astor Street, Kenwood, North Kenwood, Oakland, and Seven Houses on Lake Shore Drive.

1. Cable House
2. Colvin House
3. Dewes (Francis) House
4. Glessner House
5. Hitchcock House
6. Jackson/Thomas House
7. Jane Addams Hull-House
8. Kent House
9. King-Nash House
10. Lathrop House
11. Madlener House
12. McGill House
13. Nickerson House
14. Pate-Comiskey House
15. Raber House
16. Race House
17. Robie House
18. Theurer-Wrigley House
19. Wheeler-Kohn House
20. Wood-Maxey-Boyd House