Chicago Landmarks


Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War Tour
Monuments, Memorial, and Buildings commemorating Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.
African-American History Tour
Highlights landmarks significant in the history and development of Chicago''s African-American community.
Art Deco Tour
Streamlined facades and detailed ornamentation from many of Chicago''s most visually appealing structures.
Boul Mich Tour
A two-mile long stretch of one of Chicago''s most famous streets.
Churches & Synagogues Tour
Experience the diversity of Chicago through its places of worship.
Early Skyscrapers Tour
Many of downtown''s oldest surviving buildings are the forefathers of the great modern skyscrapers
Education Tour
Landmarks reflecting Chicago''s rich academic tradition and reputation for innovative architecture.
Great Interiors Tour
Extraordinary interiors of public buildings, publicly accessible lobbies, churches and museums.
Innovative Housing Tour
Exposing Chicago''s role in experimental and art-based architectural design
Labor and Industry Tour
Showcasing Chicago''s history as a leader in manufacturing and industry
Mansions Tour
Visit the homes of some of Chicago's historical rich and famous.
Music & Art Tour
From the Chicago Theater to Chess Records, Chicago''s contribution to the music and art worlds is signficant. Tour some of the sites that have made Chicago a world class cultural center.
Parks Tour
Highlights buildings, structures, landscapes, and monuments in Chicago's parks.
Prairie School Tour
The Prairie style was developed in the Chicago area and the city is home to many significant examples of this early 20th century achitectural movement.
Pre-Fire Chicago Tour
Buildings and sites connected to the early history of Chicago, all of which were built prior to the Fire of 1871.
Railroad and Bridges Tour
Landmarks which played a role in the development of Chicago as a center of transporation
Terra Cotta Tour
A key building material used by designers in the late-19th and early-20th century.
The Loop Tour
Tour the buildings located in Chicago's
The Modern Era Tour
Buildings constructed after 1935.