Chicago Landmarks

Schoenhofen Brewery

Exterior, circa 1902     Address: 18th Street and Canalport Ave.
Year Built: 1886 Administration Building; 1902, Powerhouse
Architect: Adolph Cudell , Schmidt & Garden
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 13, 1988

Tower Enclosure for Powerhouse, 1982 Built for a prominent German-American brewer, these two remaining buildings illustrate the dramatic shift in architectural taste that occurred at the turn of the century. The brewery's administration building, constructed in 1886, is a good illustration of the ornate designs of the late-Victorian era. The powerhouse, which was constructed in 1902 in a Prairie School-style, is less picturesque, relying instead on the bold organization of its facades and ornamental brickwork for its visual impact.