Chicago Landmarks

Schlitz Brewery-Tied House at 5120 N. Broadway (Former)

Front elevation     Address: 5120 N. Broadway
Year Built: 1904 1934-35, addition and alterations by W. C. Presto
Architect: Charles Thisslew
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: April 13, 2011

Corner turret Schlitz The former Schlitz Brewery-Tied House at 5120 N. Broadway is a fine example of the architecturally-distinctive taverns built in Chicago by brewing companies around the turn of the twentieth century when Schlitz and other brewers adopted the "tied house" system to directly sell their products to tavern patrons in Chicago. When it was built, Schlitz was one of the largest breweries in the nation, and its Chicago market was managed by Edward Uihlein who built at least 57 other tied-houses in the city. The building incorporates German Renaissance Revival and Queen Anne stylistic features such as the prominent turret and the lunettes at the top of the turret. Also characteristic of tied-houses, the facade includes the belted globe insignia of Schlitz brewery. Soon after its construction, the building became known as the Winona Gardens, and it was a destination for actors including Gloria Swanson and Charlie Chaplin working at the nearby Essanay Studios which is also a designated Chicago Landmark.

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