Chicago Landmarks

Mid-North District

Street View, by Henry Dovilas     Address: Bounded by Fullerton, Armitage, Lincoln and Clark
Year Built:
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: August 31, 1977

Italianate-style Doorway, photo by Barbara Crane This area, with its concentration of brick rowhouses, is typical of urban residential communities developed during the last three decades of the 19th century. Several pre-Fire of 1871 wooden Worker's Cottages still survive in the district, while the residences from the 1870s were designed in an Italianate style, with elaborate cornices and window surrounds. The Queen Anne style, with its variety of colors, textures, and details, later gained popularity in the district, followed in the 1880s by the rough-faced stone buildings of the Romanesque Revival style. Later high-quality buildings, such as the Cobden Apartments and the Classical Revival Benson Apartments, maintain the refined designs and craftsmanship similar to other buildings in the district.