Chicago Landmarks

Prairie Avenue District

Keith House, 1900 S. Prairie Ave.     Address: 1800 and 1900-blocks of S. Prairie Ave., 1800-block of S. Indiana, and 211-217 E. Cullerton
Year Built: 1900 - 1900
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: December 27, 1979

View S.E. from 18th St. Kimball House, 1801 S. Prairie Ave. This is an area steeped in Chicago's history. In 1812, the area was the site of the so-called Fort Dearborn Massacre, where hostile Indians attacked a band of European settlers. Following the Fire of 1871, this became the city's most fashionable neighborhood, home to the Armour, Field, Kimball, and Pullman families and once referred to as the "sunny street that held the sifted few." Although many of the mansions were demolished in the mid-20th century, the remaining buildings provide a sense of the street's former character. Two individual Landmarks are located within the district: the Clarke House and the Glessner House.