Chicago Landmarks

Old Town Triangle District

Streetscape     Address: Bounded by Lincoln, North, Wells, and the former Ogden right-of-way
Year Built: 1871 - 1900
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: October 28, 1977

Streetscape N. North Park Ave. This area was settled in the 1850s by German immigrants, whose community life centered around St. Michael's Church. The Fire of 1871, however, destroyed all of the houses and most of the church. Small frame Worker's-style Cottages were built again, until a city ordinance was enacted that prohibited further wood construction. Brick and stone were then used to construct larger houses; the district's eastern portion was developed with rowhouses and apartment buildings. In the 1940s, a renewal of community concern brought about one of the nation's earliest neighborhood revitalization efforts, which helped preserve this area's narrow tree-lined streets and distinctive architectural character.

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