1. Q: How do I get help?
    A: If there is a question mark on a page or next to a field, click on the question mark for help filling out the page or field. You may also consult the User Manual and the Training Videos available on the left menu.
  2. Q: Why do I have to submit an EDS?
    A: The Economic Disclosure Statement (EDS) is required of applicants making an application to the City for action requiring City Council or other City agency approval. For example, all bidders seeking a City contract are required to submit EDSes. Through the EDS, applicants make disclosures required by State law and City ordinances and certify to compliance with various laws and ordinances. EDSes are also required of certain parties related to the applicant, such as owners and controlling parties.
  3. Q: Who is the Applicant?
    A: "Applicant" means any entity or person making an application to the City for action requiring City Council or other City agency approval. The applicant does not include owners and parent companies.
  4. Q: Who is the Disclosing Party?
    A: "Disclosing Party" means any entity or person submitting an EDS. This includes owners and parent companies.
  5. Q: What is an entity or legal entity?
    A: "Entity" or "Legal Entity" means a legal entity (for example, a corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company or trust).
  6. Q: What is a person for purposes of the EDS?
    A: "Person" means a human being.
  7. Q: Who must submit an EDS?
    A: An EDS must be submitted in any of the following three circumstances:

    • Applicants: An Applicant must always file this EDS. If the Applicant is a legal entity, state the full name of that legal entity. If the Applicant is a person acting on his/her own behalf, state his/her name.
    • Entities holding an interest: Whenever a legal entity has a beneficial interest (i.e. direct or indirect ownership) of more than 7.5% in the Applicant, each such legal entity must file an EDS on its own behalf.
    • Controlling entities: Whenever a legal entity directly or indirectly controls the Applicant, each such controlling legal entity must file an EDS on its own behalf.
  8. Q: What information is needed to submit an EDS?
    A: The information contained in the Preparation Checklist to Submit an Online EDS Document is needed to submit an EDS.
  9. Q: When is an EDS not required?
    A: An EDS may not be required if one of the circumstances discussed in the EDS Rules applies.
  10. Q: I don't have a user ID & password. Can I still submit an Online EDS?
    A: No. You must register and create a user ID and password before submitting an Online EDS.
  11. Q: What information is needed to request a user ID & password for Online EDS?
    A: The information contained in the Preparation Checklist for Registration is needed to request a login for the Online EDS.
  12. Q: I already have a username and password from another City web site (City Web Portal, Department of Construction and Permits, Department of Consumer Services, etc.). Can I log-in the Online EDS with that account?
    A: Usually not. The Online EDS uses a user ID and password system that is shared by the Public Vehicle Advertising and Water Payment web sites. You may use a username and password from thoses sites by answering "Yes" to "Is this an existing City of Chicago user ID?" when registering. Other usernames and passwords will not be automatically recognized. However, you may choose to create an identical username for the Online EDS if it is not already taken.
  13. Q: I forgot my user ID. Can I register again?
    A: No. Each user should have one user ID for each company he/she represents. Click "Login", then "Forgot your user ID?" to have the system e-mail your user ID to you.
  14. Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?
    A: To retrieve a temporary password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the log-in page. Enter your user ID that you provided when you registered your account. The system will automatically generate a temporary password and send it to you. When you log-in with your temporary password, you will be asked to create a new password.
  15. Q: I am trying to register for a new user ID. The person who is supposed to approve my registration left the company. What should I do?
    A: Please email customersupport@cityofchicago.org and a member of the support team will assist you.
  16. Q: Who is the EDS Captain?
    A: The EDS Captain is a person who performs certain administrative functions for an organization which files EDSes. Each organization registered with the Online EDS has at least one EDS Captain. There may be co-captains, who are all equal. EDS Captains approve new users, change contact information for an organization, and deactive accounts of employees who have left the organization. Please see the User Manual for more information. The City strongly recommends that each organization have more than one captain so there is backup.
  17. Q: Why do we need EDS Captains?
    A: The Online EDS is designed to be a self-service web application which allows those doing or seeking to do business with the City to perform as many routine functions as possible without City intervention. Because many organizations have multiple staff filing EDSes, the EDS Captain role allows those organizations to self-manage their contact information and users.
  18. Q: Do I have to be an EDS Captain to submit an EDS?
    A: No. Any authorized user with an active account may submit an EDS for your organization. The EDS Captain's additional responsibilities concern only management of user accounts and contact information for an organization.
  19. Q: Who is the EDS team?
    A: The EDS team for an organization is everyone who is registered to file EDSes on behalf of the organization.
  20. Q: How do I complete an Online EDS?
    A: Click on "Create New" after logging in. Then select "Contract" in response to "Is this EDS for a contract or an information update?". The Online EDS system will walk you through the EDS questions. Please see the User Manual for details.
  21. Q: How do I fill out a Disclosure of Retained Parties?
    A: There is no longer a separate Disclosure of Retained Parties filing. After logging in, click on "Create New". Answer Contract to "Is this EDS for a contract or an EDS information update?" Click "Fill out EDS", and click on the "Retained Parties" tab. When finished, click on "Ready to Submit."
  22. Q: How do I submit an EDS for a company with multiple layers of ownership?
    A: An EDS is required for the applicant company and each owner with more than 7.5% ownership of the applicant. Start by obtaining a complete organizational chart showing your company's multiple layers of ownership and percentages of ownership. Then review pages 14-23 of the How to file a new EDS document manual or the ownership videos. Use this sample organizational structure diagram to organize your user IDs, passwords, invitation numbers, and EDS numbers for the various layers of ownership.
  23. Q: How do I attach documents?
    A: Click on the Additional Information tab, and then click on the plus button. Enter a description and select a PDF file to attach. You may check the box to automatically add this attachment to future EDS documents. Please note that attachments with pages of officers are not acceptable. Names of officers must be typed into the system. Also, owners having greater than 7.5% ownership in the applicant must be disclosed through the online screens, not through attachments.
  24. Q: How do I file an EDS for a joint venture?
    A: Follow the instructions in Tips for Joint Ventures.
  25. Q: Who can complete an Economic Disclosure Statement online?
    A: Any authorized representative of your business with a user ID and password can complete your EDS online. One person, such as an assistant, can fill in the information and save it, and another person can review and electronically sign the Online EDS.
  26. Q:What are the benefits of filing my Economic Disclosure statement electronically?
    A: Filing electronically reduces the chance of filing an incomplete EDS and speeds up the processing of contract awards. A certificate of filing can be printed at the completion of the process and inserted into your bid package. The biggest benefit for those who frequently do business with the City is that after the first EDS, each EDS is much easier to fill out because non-contract specific information is pre-filled from the last submitted EDS.
  27. Q: Will my information be secure?
    A: Yes. When making your internet connection to our Web Server, you will connect through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL for short) to the "Online EDS" login page. All information you type will be protected using strong encryption. Within the login page, you will provide us with a user ID, password, and secret question for user authentication. Only you will have knowledge of this unique identification information.
  28. Q: I am filing electronically. How do I sign my EDS?
    A: Once you have completed the EDS, you will be prompted to enter your password and answer to your secret question. Together with your user ID, these will serve as your electronic signature. A physical signature is not required.
  29. Q: Why can't I print a Certificate of Filing?
    A: You filed an EDS information update, which is essentially a company profile and is not contract specific. Information updates do not produce a certficate. Only a contract EDS, which contains all contract specific information, results in a printed certificate. Click "Create New" to create a new contract EDS. Many fields will automatically populate from the informational EDS.
  30. Q: My address has changed. How can I update my information?
    A: You must be an EDS Captain for your organization to update this. Log-in and click on "Site Administration." Select the appropriate site and click edit. This address will not change on EDSes already in process. Click "Create New" to start a new EDS and it will show the new address.
  31. Q: My FEIN is incorrect. How can I update my information?
    A: Send a copy of your W-9 to customersupport@cityofchicago.org. Please note that if your organization has restructured into a new legal entity, you may or may not be required to create a new login for the new entity instead of changing your FEIN.
  32. Q: Can I save a partially complete EDS?
    A: Yes. Click "Save". To avoid data loss, we recommend you save your work periodically while filling out your EDS.
  33. Q: How do I delete a draft EDS?
    A: Draft EDSes will be automatically deleted by the system if they are not submitted within 60 days.
  34. Q: Do I have to re-type my information each time I submit an EDS?
    A: No. The system will remember non-contract specific information from your last submitted EDS for one year. This information will be filled-in for you in your new EDS. You will have an opportunity to correct it if it has changed since your last filing. When you submit your new EDS, the information is saved the one-year clock begins running anew.
  35. Q: I have more questions. How can I contact the City?
    A: Please call or email your City contact for questions about the EDS or assistance with online filing. The name of your City contact can be found in your bid or RFP document or the cover letter of your contract package. To report technical problems with the Online EDS system, please email customersupport@cityofchicago.org and a member of the support team will assist you.