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Applicant, as named above, requests that the City of Chicago update its billing records to reflect the pending transfer of the premises that is the subject of this application. Applicant acknowledges that the amount owed is based on the water account balance for the premises above, plus a $50.00 processing fee, if applicable. If additional service charges/fees accrue on the account for services received prior to the transfer of ownership of the subject property, the amount owed may be recalculated by the Department of Finance, regardless of whether the additional service charges/fees have been submitted to the Applicant via a billing statement. Applicant acknowledges that, pursuant to section 1-21-010 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, persons who make a false statement of material fact to the City of Chicago in connection with any application may be fined not less than $500.00, nor more than $1,000.00, plus up to three times the City's damages, litigation costs, collection costs and attorney's fees. Applicant acknowledges that if the above-listed premises were acquired pursuant to a tax or judicial deed, the full payment certificate will reflect a zero balance as of the execution date shown on the tax or judicial deed, not as of the date of this application. This full payment certificate does not relieve the grantee of any service charges that accrue after the execution date of the deed. Under penalties provided by law, pursuant to section 1-109 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure (735 ILCS 5/1-109), Applicant certifies that the statements set forth in this document are true and correct.