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City of Chicago Vendor Payments

Payment Details for Contract 

The paid amount to contractor/consultancy/vendor is current as of 5 days prior to this publication. Payments between years 1996 and 2002 have been rolled up and appear as 2002 and prior. If you have any questions as to the payment total, please direct all inquiries to the Department of Finance at 312.744.3233.

Voucher Number appears as a clickable link if there is sub-contractor information available for it. Click on the link to view the payments as reported by the vendor.

Contract Voucher Number Check # Cashed Date of Payment Payment Amount
PVCI18CI020063 42303669 Yes 08/29/2018 $103,097.22 29864
PVCI18CI015007 42217350 Yes 01/16/2018 $1,280,681.71 29864
2017 $446,532.19 29864
2016 $398,592.95 29864
2015 $158,979.87 29864