Chicago Landmarks

Reebie Storage Warehouse

Exterior, Photo by Bob Thall, 1998     Address: 2325-33 N.Clark St.
Year Built: 1921 - 1922
Architect: George S. Kingsley
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: September 1, 1999

Interior, Photo by Bob Thall, 1998 Noted for its highly accurate use of ancient Egyptian imagery and hieroglyphics, this building represents one of the nation's best examples of pure academic-style Egyptian Revival commercial architecture. It was built by a storage and moving company founded by John and William Reebie, who are represented by the twin statues of Pharaoh Ramses II flanking the main entrance. The colorful, terra cotta ornament on the exterior was crafted by sculptor Fritz Albert. The interior lobby includes art glass windows, decorative metalwork, lotus-leaf column capitals, and plaster reliefs depicting ancient Egyptians moving grain on barges.