Chicago Landmarks

Hawthorne Place District

Streetscape, 1984, by Patricia Casler     Address: 524-595 W. Hawthorne Pl.
Year Built: 1884 - 1937
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: March 26, 1996

560 Hawthorne Place, by Patricia Casler One of the few streets along the city's north shore that was developed for--and has largely retained--large residences on large lots. After a shoreline drive began to be constructed in the 1890s, the McConnell brothers created large lots to attract buyers who wanted proximity to downtown but with larger yards than typically found in the city. Both brothers built their own homes on the street and set the tone for subsequent development, which includes works by such architects as Burnham & Root and Pond & Pond. The openness of the district makes it an oasis between the density of the Broadway retail district and the high rises along Lake Shore Drive.