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Electronic Lobbyist Filing System

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The Board of Ethics administers and collects the documents for the lobbying laws for the City of Chicago. The filing and administration of these forms can now be performed electronically on this Electronic Lobbyist Filing System.

In order to perform a public search, no logon or ID or password is necessary. Log in to the Electronic Lobbyist Filing System to file a Statement of Registration or other lobbying documents. The public may search filed lobbying document information.

This electronic application allows filers to fill out their Statements of Registration (and other lobbying documents) online, save and view Drafts or submitted documents, and submit final versions of the current or past years lobbying documents online.

Filers are responsible for the timely filing, completeness and accuracy of their submissions. Filers will verify their statements through the use of an electronic signature as provided in the instructions on the following web pages and the relevant laws of the State of Illinois, including the Electronic Commerce Security Act, 5 ILCS 175 et seq.

The annual filing is due each January 20th. Any Statements of Registration filed thereafter are subject to a late filing fine. Quarterly calendar year Activity Reports are also required.

Throughout the electronic filing process, the filer will find helpful information in the Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ¿s), in the left hand navigation area, in many "popup" or similar instructions and may always communicate with the Board at 312-744-9660 during normal City business hours.

If you experience any technical problems while using this site, please call the Department of Innovation and Technology at 312-744-3282 for assistance. When asked, please tell the agent that the problem is the Ethics Electronic Lobbyist Filing System (ELF).

For more information about filing, eligibility, and lobbying, visit our department web site at WWW.CityofChicago.org/ethics.