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Welcome to the Emergency Assistance Voluntary Registry!


How do I sign up for the Registry?
Individuals with disabilities or special needs or their caregivers can sign up on the OEMC website or they can contact the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) at (312) 744-7050 for additional information.

Is written permission required in order for my information to be included in the Voluntary Registry?
Any person submitting information for the Registry must give their permission by indicating their approval of the "waiver and general release" statement on the Registry website.

Where will my information be stored?
The information will be stored in a database in a secure facility owned, operated and maintained by the City of Chicago.

How will my information be used by emergency responders?
When the City of Chicago receives a 911 call for assistance, the information you provided will be sent through a secure wireless connection to first responders so that they can better assist you in an emergency.

Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes. The information gathered as part of the Voluntary Registry will remain strictly confidential and will only be used by emergency personnel to provide assistance and for public health activities.

Am I required to update my Registry information?
Yes. You will be required to change or confirm your password and personal information once a year.

Will I receive preferential treatment as a result of participating in the Voluntary Registry?
No. Participation in the Registry will not result in preferential treatment. This program seeks to afford people with disabilities or special needs the same access to public safety services provided to all citizens, and providing information about specific disabilities and/or special needs will enhance the knowledge and information available to emergency responders.

If I no longer want to be in the Voluntary Registry, how do I UN-Subscribe?
To Un-Subscribe from the Voluntary Registry, log into the Voluntary Registry with your user name and password, and click the "Unregister Me" link. If you have any questions regarding the Emergency Assistance Voluntary Registry, please send an email to