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Board Information

Function To integrate the planning of transportation and land use in the seven counties of northeastern Illinois.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: 5   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 10
City Council Approval Not Required
Legal Authority 70 ILCS 1707
More Information Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning website


Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Rita Athas 07/01/2021 Mayor
Frank H Beal 07/01/2021 Mayor
Honorable Gerald Bennett Continuing Appointment Other
Honorable Matthew Brolley Continuing Appointment Other
Maurice D Cox 07/01/2023 Mayor
James Healy 07/01/2023 Other
Honorable Al Larson Continuing Appointment Other
Honorable John Noak 07/01/2021 Other
Honorable Richard Reinbold 07/01/2021 Other
Honorable Carolyn Schofield 07/01/2021 Other
Anne Sheahan 07/01/2023 Mayor
Matthew P Walsh, II No Expiration Date Other
Honorable Terry Weppler 07/01/2021 Other
Diane Williams Continuing Appointment Other
Vacancy Mayor

The information on this site is current as of September 23, 2020.