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Board Information

Function To govern the Chicago Community Land Trust.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: up to 17   Ex Officio Members: 1   Other: 0
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority ORDINANCE ENACTED 1/11/2006


Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Juan Sebastian Arias 02/01/2022 Mayor
Joy Aruguete 02/01/2022 Mayor
Ciere J Boatright 02/01/2021 Mayor
Lissette Castaneda 02/01/2021 Mayor
Terri T Haymaker 02/01/2022 Mayor
Ben R Helphand 02/01/2022 Mayor
Ailisa M Herrera 02/01/2021 Mayor
Calvin L Holmes 02/01/2022 Mayor
Timothy D Klont 02/01/2022 Mayor
Robert V McGhee 02/01/2022 Mayor
Nyasha D Nyamapfene 02/01/2021 Mayor
Anthony Simpkins No Expiration Date Ex Officio
Kathryn S Tholin 02/01/2021 Mayor
William W Towns 02/01/2021 Mayor
Vacancy Mayor

The information on this site is current as of September 23, 2020.