Board Information

Function To maintain, acquire and build public buildings and facilities, including schools, libraries, parks and police and fire stations.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: 6   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 5
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority 50 ILCS 20/1; MUNICIPAL CODE OF CHICAGO, SECTION 2-140-010
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Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
James F Ellis, Jr. Continuing Appointment Mayor
Myetie H Hamilton No Expiration Date Other
Honorable Brandon Johnson 09/30/2026 Mayor
Jose G Maldonado 09/30/2024 Mayor
Honorable Toni Preckwinkle Continuing Appointment Other
Arnold L Randall , Jr. Continuing Appointment Other
Samuel Wm Sax Continuing Appointment Mayor
Rev. David T Whittley 09/30/2024 Mayor
Vacancy Other
Vacancy Other
Vacancy Mayor

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