Board Information

Function As provided by statute and municipal ordinance, the Chicago Public Library Board has control and management of all matters pertaining to the Chicago Public Library system.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: 9   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 0
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority 75 ILCS 5/4-1; Municipal Code of Chicago, Section 2-64-020
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Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Jodi L Block Continuing Appointment Mayor
Michelle T Boone 06/30/2023 Mayor
Barbara T Bowman 06/30/2023 Mayor
Sandra M Delgado 06/30/2023 Mayor
Linda Johnson Rice 06/30/2024 Mayor
Dominique Jordan Turner 06/30/2023 Mayor
Lynn M Lockwood 06/30/2024 Mayor
Christopher P Valenti Continuing Appointment Mayor
Ivy Walker 06/30/2024 Mayor

The information on this site is current as of May 26, 2023