Board Information

Function To serve as a liaison between the community and City Government and to assist with policy development and public outreach.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: Up to 21   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 0
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority Municipal Code of Chicago, Section 2-120-500
More Information Commission on Human Relations website


Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Mary Kate Daly 01/17/2026 Mayor
Liliana Scales 01/17/2027 Mayor
Dr. Lisa Yun Lee 01/17/2026 Mayor
Denise 'Dee" L Atkins 01/17/2025 Mayor
Laurence A Bolotin 01/17/2025 Mayor
Niketa Brar 01/17/2026 Mayor
Chandra Christmas-Rouse 01/17/2026 Mayor
Arianna E Cisneros 01/17/2026 Mayor
Victor B Dickson 01/17/2026 Mayor
Bob Glaves 01/17/2027 Mayor
Glenance L Green Continuing Appointment Mayor
Teny Gross 01/17/2025 Mayor
Kim Jay Continuing Appointment Mayor
Esther Nieves 01/17/2026 Mayor
Grace K Pai Continuing Appointment Mayor
Jose A Rico Continuing Appointment Mayor
James Rudyk, Jr. 01/17/2025 Mayor
Shehara Waas 01/17/2025 Mayor
Sharif Walker 01/17/2025 Mayor

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