Board Information

Function To generate a comprehensive economic development plan with the goal of attracting academic institutions, medical research facilities and high-tech businesses to the area of the district.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: 3   Ex Officio Members: 3   Other: 6
City Council Approval Not Required
Legal Authority 70 ILCS 935/5
More Information Roseland Medical District Commission website


Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Ciere J Boatright Continuing Appointment Mayor
Joseph M Harrington 12/31/2026 Other
Tiffany D Hightower 12/31/2025 Other
Darrell Hill 01/26/2026 Other
Director, IL Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity No Expiration Date Ex Officio
Secretary, IL Department of Human Services No Expiration Date Ex Officio
Director, IL Department of Public Health No Expiration Date Ex Officio
Dennis O'Malley 12/31/2024 Other
Robbie "Tina" Sanders 12/31/2024 Mayor
William W Towns Continuing Appointment Other
Dr. Harry Wilkens 05/12/2025 Other
Vacancy Mayor

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