Chicago Landmarks

Schlitz Brewery Stable at 11314 S. Front Ave. (Former)

Front elevation     Address: 11314 S. Front Ave.
Year Built: 1906
Architect: Frommann & Jebsen
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 6, 2011

Horse head sculpture Detail This former Schlitz Brewery stable and the tied house located one block south are rare surviving buildings from "Schlitz Row," a complex located just outside the "Dry" industrial town of Pullman that originally included three tied-houses and housing for Schlitz workers. The stable was used to house horses and carriages which Schlitz used to deliver its products to the tied house taverns it owned, and it exemplifies the vertigal integration that defined the tied house system. The brick building is symmetrical with a wagon entrance at the center of the street-level facade flanked on either side by a pair of arched openings. At the second story, the corner piers of the building include blind-arched openings framing recessed brick and stucco panels with distinctive terra-cotta horse-head sculptures. The design is attributed to the architectural partnership of Frommann & Jebsen who designed all of the buildings in Schlitz Row as well as several other high-style tied houses for the brewery.

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