Chicago Landmarks

Union Park Hotel (formerly the Viceroy Hotel)

Front Elevation     Address: 1519-1521 W. Warren Boulevard
Year Built: 1929 - 1930
Architect: Benjamin Albert Comm
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: June 9, 2010

Parapet detail The Union Park Hotel is a significant example of a Chicago residential apartment hotel building due to its distinctive Art Deco architectural style, unusually colorful and finely detailed terra-cotta fašade, and its prominent location on Warren Boulevard opposite historic Union Park. Constructed of polychromatic glazed terra cotta and yellow and golden-brown brick by architect Benjamin Albert Comm, this residential hotel building was conceived as a "modernistic" building, adopting the then-popular style of the fast-paced, "Jazz Age" society. Despite the relatively small-scale of the building, its vivid French-influenced design enhances its visual presence on the south side of Union Park. Chicago was an important national center of terra-cotta manufacturing and the building reflects the popularity of this building material with Chicago architects and its significance to Chicago.

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