Chicago Landmarks

Lincoln Avenue Row House District

Lincoln Avenue Row House District     Address: 1928-36 N. Lincoln Ave.
Year Built: 1875
Architect: Unknown
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: November 18, 2009

Map publisher Andrew McNally, 1838-1904 Entrance stoop with porch The row houses that comprise the Lincoln Avenue Row House District exemplify the excellent quality of design and craftsmanship found in residential buildings built in Chicago's fashionable neighborhoods in the years immediately following the Chicago Fire of 1871. This group of houses was built by printer and mapmaker Andrew McNally as speculative housing in 1875. McNally was co-founder of Rand McNally & Co., which became one of the United States' leading mapmaking companies after its founding in 1868. The row houses were designed in the Italianate architectural style, which was a significant style in the history of Chicago. They are distinguished by their large blocks of pale yellow Joliet limestone, once an extremely popular building stone in Chicago. Some of the row houses are embellished with later decorative porches.