Chicago Landmarks

Marquette Park State Bank (Former)

Front Elevation     Address: 6314 S. Western Ave.
Year Built: 1924 - 1924
Architect: Karl M. Vitzthum
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: October 8, 2008

Primary Entrance Carved Stone Ornamentation A fine example of the Classical Revival style, this three-story bank building is sheathed in limestone and has a gray-colored granite water table. Its symmetrical front facade is distinguished by three-story pilasters and engaged columns which separate the central entrance bay from the two flanking window bays. The main entrance is set within a two-story tall archway detailed rope moldings and festoons in carved limestone. The interior of the main banking hall is a Classical-style rotunda with a colorful orange and green terrazzo floor and a high domed ceiling with an oculus skylight. The bank is located at the heart of a neighborhood commercial district on Chicago's Southwest side, and local banks such as this one contributed to the growth of the city's neighborhoods in the 1920s.

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