Chicago Landmarks

Reid, Murdoch & Co. Building

Wacker Dr. elevation     Address: 320 N. Clark St.
Year Built: 1914
Architect: George C. Nimmons
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: November 15, 1976

View, circa 1914 Combining elements of both the Chicago and Prairie schools of architecture, this is one of the city's finest examples of industrial design and a rare reminder of the type of buildings that once lined the Chicago River. Built as a warehouse and office building for a wholesale grocery company, it was one of the first designs to respond to the 1909 Plan for Chicago's goal for riverfront redevelopment: docking facilities are recessed at the water level, while a promenade extends at street level. A bold Chicago School-style exterior highlights the building's steel-and-concrete supporting frame, which is further enhanced by excellent brickwork and terra-cotta details. A central tower provides a strong counterpoint to the general horizontality of the structure, making this one of the best-known buildings along the Chicago River.