Board Information

Function To serve as a liaison between the community and City Government and to assist with policy development and public outreach.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: up to 21   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 0
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority Municipal Code of Chicago, Section 2-120-500
More Information Commission on Human Relations website


Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Karina Ayala-Bermejo 02/19/2023 Mayor
Taneka Jennings 02/19/2023 Mayor
Danae N Kovac 02/19/2025 Mayor
Mabel C Menard 02/19/2023 Mayor
Sara D Miranda 02/19/2023 Mayor
Barbara Munube 02/19/2023 Mayor
Mariana Osoria Continuing Appointment Mayor
Alicja Otap Continuing Appointment Mayor
Gerald A Polanco 02/19/2024 Mayor
Katarina A Ramos 02/19/2024 Mayor
Alma D Rodriguez 02/19/2024 Mayor
Jennifer L Rosato Perea 02/19/2024 Mayor
Ganiat Sarumi 02/19/2024 Mayor
Laith K Shaaban 02/19/2024 Mayor
Radhika Sharma Gordon 02/19/2023 Mayor

The information on this site is current as of February 6, 2023