Board Information

Function An independent civilian body that decides disciplinary cases involving Chicago police officers.
Composition Mayoral Appointments: 9   Ex Officio Members: 0   Other: 0
City Council Approval Required for Mayoral Appointments
Legal Authority MUNICIPAL CODE OF CHICAGO, SECTIONS 2-84-020 and 2-80-080
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Member Name Term Expires Appointed by
Steven Block 08/10/2024 Mayor
Ajalteria Carr-Favors 08/10/2027 Mayor
Mareile B Cusack 08/10/2023 Mayor
Nanette L Doorley 08/10/2024 Mayor
Rev. Michael Eaddy 08/10/2023 Mayor
Ghian Foreman 08/10/2023 Mayor
Jorge Montes Continuing Appointment Mayor
Andreas G Safakas 08/10/2027 Mayor
Dr. Paula Wolff 08/10/2024 Mayor

The information on this site is current as of May 26, 2023