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Third Party/Expediter Database

Third Party/Expediter Database

The Third Party/Expediter* Database is a detailed report of Third Party Processors and Licensed Expediters, which includes information about any history of violations. Select the REVIEW button to check the entire Third Party/Expediter Database, or the SEARCH button to find a specific individual or business.

Third party license and permit application processors and expediters, who are not in the Third Party/Expediter Database, are encouraged to add their business information by selecting the SIGN UP button.

To report an issue with a specific Third Party Processor and/or Licensed Expediter, please select the FILE A COMPLAINT button to access the appropriate governing agency.

* Third Party Processors (i.e. State of Illinois licensed Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Licensed Architects or Engineers, and their employees, as well as REGISTERED and BONDED City of Chicago Department of Buildings Sign Erector Companies/Contractors) and Licensed Expediters (i.e. licensed City of Chicago Expediter or employee of a licensed expediting company) are individuals who, for compensation, seek to obtain a license, certificate or permit from any City department on the behalf of developers, contractors, businesses and homeowners.