Chicago Landmarks

Illinois-Indiana State Line Boundary Marker

Boundary Marker, photo by Norah Jones, 2001     Address: Avenue G, near 103rd St. (located on the Illinois-Indiana State Boundary Line)
Year Built: 1838 moved 1988
Architect: Office of the United States Surveyor-General
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: September 4, 2002

Boundary Marker in its setting, photo by Norah Jones, 2001 One of the oldest extant structures in the City of Chicago, the Illinois-Indiana State Boundary Marker was constructed to commemorate the establishment of the common boundary between the two states in 1833. Boundary surveying was necessary for the sale of land within new states and territories, and commemorative markers were often erected following the establishment of such boundary lines. Built of large sandstone blocks, the marker is in the shape of an obelisk, a traditional form for commemorative markers. In 1988 the marker was relocated approximately 191 feet north of its original site, but remains on the state line.