Chicago Landmarks

Schlitz Brewery-Tied House at 11400 S. Front Ave. (Former)

(Former) Schlitz Brewery-Tied House at 11400 S. Front Ave.     Address: 11400 S. Front Ave.
Year Built: 1906 - 1906
Architect: Frommann & Jebsen
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 6, 2011

Detail, 2011

This former Schlitz Brewery tied-house and the stable located one block north are rare surviving buildings from "Schlitz Row," a complex that originally included three tied-houses, housing for Schlitz workers and a company stable located just outside the "Dry" industrial town of Pullman. The design is attributed to the architectural partnership of Frommann & Jebsen who designed all of the buildings in Schlitz Row as well as several other high-style tied houses for the brewery. The building's handsome design combines basic architectural elements such as arches, corbelling and recessed panels that reveal a high degree of craftsmanship in traditional masonry. The two street-facing elevations meet at a chamfered corner which includes a terra-cotta Schlitz globe at the parapet level.

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