Chicago Landmarks

Jane Addams Hull-House

Exterior View     Address: 800 S. Halsted
Year Built: 1856, House; 1905, Dining Hall
Architect: Pond & Pond
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: June 12, 1974

Jane Addams Here, in 1889, Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr started what became the most influential social settlement house in America. They began in a then-dilapidated, 33-year-old mansion that had been built by real estate developer Charles J. Hull. By 1907, however, the settlement had grown into a 13-building complex that enveloped the original building. In 1963, the settlement moved from this site, when it was acquired for the new Chicago Circle Campus of the University of Illinois. As a memorial to Jane Addams, the university retained the original Hull-House Residents Dining Hall (dating to 1905) and rebuilt missing portions of the original Hull House.

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