Chicago Landmarks

Holden Block

Overall, courtesy Gramacki Historic Consultants     Address: 1027 W. Madison St.
Year Built: 1872
Architect: Stephen V. Shipman
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: May 4, 2011

Upper-floor detail This building is a rare-surviving Italianate-style "commercial block," or commercial loft building. It was built in 1872 when the Near West Side was undergoing rapid development in the aftermath of the Chicago Fire of 1871. Its street fašade is constructed of "Buena Vista" sandstone, an unusual building stone in the context of Chicago architecture, and is finely detailed with a variety of carved and incised Italianate-style window ornament. The building was built by Charles C.P. Holden, who held several political offices during the 1860s and 1870s, including City of Chicago alderman, City Council president, Cook County commissioner, and Cook County Board chairman. The roofline has a surviving stone "plaque" carved with Holden's name and the building's date of construction.

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