Chicago Landmarks

300 West Adams Street Office Building

300 West Adams Street Office Building     Address: 300 W. Adams St.
Year Built: 1927
Architect: Jens J. Jensen
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: May 13, 2009

Terra cotta detail Roofline detail The 300 West Adams Street Office Building exemplifies several themes in the development of Chicago's Central Area. As a 1920s-era office building in the West Loop, the building reflects the outward expansion of Chicago's office business district from its historic core into former warehouse districts along the Chicago River. The twelve-story terra cotta-clad building is an excellent example of the Gothic Revival architectural style and a fine example of the important use in Chicago of architectural terra cotta for large-scale commercial buildings. Through its handsome design and excellent craftsmanship, the 300 West Adams Office Building epitomizes the high-rise office building boom of the 1920s and stands today as a significant example of this historic building type.

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