Chicago Landmarks

Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank (Former)

At Broadway and Lawrence Ave.     Address: 4753 N. Broadway
Year Built: 1924 - 1925 1928 (four-story addition)
Architect: Marshall & Fox
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: October 8, 2009

Entrance detail Detail A prominent visual landmark in the Uptown community, this distinctive terra-clad structure was erected in 1924-25 as an eight-story bank and office building for the Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank. The demand for office space in Uptown spurred the construction of four additional stories in 1928, designed by Huszagh & Hill. With its rounded corner and white terra-cotta cladding, this tall bank and office building conveys the commercial vitality of the Uptown neighborhood in the 1920s which was especially renowned for its numerous theaters and dance halls. Chicago architects Marshall and Fox, who are also known for their elegant hotel and mansion designs, employed a streamlined Classicism for the building's original design, which Huszagh and Hill emulated for the top addition. The grand banking hall, located on the second floor, is richly finished with marble and ornamental plaster.

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