Chicago Landmarks

South Side Trust and Savings Bank (Former)

Prominent Corner Location     Address: 4659 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Year Built: 1922
Architect: Albert A. Schwartz
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: July 9, 2008

Classical details Giant-Order Classical columns Architect Albert A. Schwartz designed this two-story-tall bank building in the Classical Revival style. The well-proportioned facades are clad with both smooth-faced and ornately-carved Indiana limestone. Two-story-tall limestone pilasters divide the facade into regular bays with recessed window openings. The building is topped with a prominent bracketed cornice and a limestone balustrade. The visual focal point of the building is its monumental curved corner entrance, framed with giant-order Corinthian columns extending the full height of the building. The three entrance doors are framed with limestone portals elaborately carved with Classical decoration, including cornucopia, ram heads, and cartouches. Neighborhood banks such as the South Side Trust and Savings Bank played an important role in the development of their surrounding neighborhoods.

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