Chicago Landmarks

Arlington-Deming District

Houses on W. Arlington Pl.     Address: Predominantly 500- and 600-blocks of W. Arlington Pl., 500- and 600-blocks of W. Deming Pl., 2400-block of N. Geneva Terr., and portions of the 2400-block of N. Orchard St.
Year Built:
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: September 27, 2007

Streetscape on W. Deming Pl. Located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, this district contains a fine array of buildings exemplifying the high-quality residential and institutional buildings historically built in this north lakefront neighborhood. Earliest buildings in the district date from the years immediately after the Chicago Fire of 1871, when this portion of then-independent Lake View Township served as refuge for displaced Chicago families. Mansions built on curved Deming Place in the years following annexation by Chicago in 1889 housed several of Chicago's wealthy entrepreneurs, including William Wieboldt of department store fame. Tall apartment hotels, often built with visually-eclectic ornament, reflect the area's continued attractiveness in the 1920s.