Chicago Landmarks

Bissell Street District

Streetscape, 2005     Address: 2100-block of N. Bissell St. (between W. Webster and W. Dickens Aves.)
Year Built:
Architect: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark: September 5, 2007

Bissell St. facades The twenty buildings that comprise this district in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on Chicago's North Side were all designed and built as a single development. This ensemble of three-, six-, and nine-flat buildings was designed by architect Iver C. Zarbell to resemble a more elite street of red-brick mansions. Because it was financed, designed, and built as a complete development at one time, it possesses a unified design and organized layout that is unusual among Chicago residential blocks. Standard facade designs, with subtle variations, are arranged symmetrically along each side of the street. The buildings combine elements of the Italianate, Second Empire, and Queen Anne architectural styles, including incised-stone lintels, mansard roofs, and decorative tile work.

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